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Vice Prime Minister of THE STATE OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA, Dr. Barrow’s Trade Mission to Colombia



On July 25th, 2019, the Hon. Vice Prime Minster of the STATE OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA, Dr. Melida Harris Barrow headed to the Nation of Colombia on a Trade Mission. The trip was to help set up trade relations between the Global African Diaspora and the Nation of Colombia.

Vice Prime Minister of the State of the African Diaspora Dr. Barrow and Mayor Maby Yineth Viera of Buenaventura-Colombia

The trade mission included stops to meet with Mayor Maby Yineth Viera of Buenaventura-Colombia and stops to Cali-Colombia. This mission included the establishment of an entrepreneurial program and a meeting with diaspora owned businesses and professionals. The mission also included a discussion with the youth on the importance of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Barrow and her cabinet has begun the establishment of economic entrepreneurship development institutions throughout the Global African Diaspora. This will help to promote trade and investment opportunities linked to indigenous knowledge systems and the global African diaspora economic communities, while ensuring that economic development rights are secured for the benefit of developing nations where the African Diaspora is a part of which includes the Diaspora of North America, South America, Central America, Latin America, Europe, The Caribbean and elsewhere. This is a key strategic move outlined in the African Union’s Diaspora declaration which also helps to develop nations of the Global South.

Trade between the African diaspora has been ignored to the point where there is almost no economic information on trade between the indigenous people and the Afro-Colombians with their brothers and sisters throughout the African Diaspora. The mission will establish economic ties with the nation of Colombia and the African Union 6th Region to begin economic intergovernmental cooperation.

What will this accomplish for the Diaspora?

This trade Mission will assist the legacy projects with the production of a skills database of professionals. The mission will also, provide a platform to build a directory for diaspora micro size businesses made up of the diaspora. This will also include small, medium and large diaspora businesses as well. The database and the directory will expand to the global diaspora throughout the world and will include The Caribbean, Latin America, and the Diaspora in North America, Africa and elsewhere.

Discussion on solutions and ideas.
Meeting with innovative women
Linking Indigenous knowledge systems
Teaching African diaspora youth the importance of entrepreneurship


With regard to all historic migrations forced by slavery and voluntary, the African Union defines the African Diaspora as "Consisting of people of African origin living outside the continent, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the development of the continent and the building of the African Union. African diaspora populations include African Americans, Afro Caribbeans,  Black  Canadians – descendants of enslaved West Africans brought to the United States, the Caribbean, South America during the Atlantic slave trade. and also citizens of different nationalities who have migrated from nations of Africa. 


The African Union has declared you the 6th region and encourages us to mobilize now. This has be declared the year of return and the year of the African Diaspora.

Emergency call to action for people of African Descent. Mobilization and Support


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03 Aug 2019

By Dr. Melida Harris Barrow