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Experience the Caribbean, see the beach, feel the cool breeze, eat the food, dance to the music, just use a vivid imagination and enjoy the Caribbean. We at Caribbean Finder can help you to enjoy that vivid imagination and help you to feel a touch of the reality of the Caribbean. You can visit our meeting place where you will find advertisement of various businesses, upcoming events, listings, classifieds read articles of interest and more, all at www.caribbeanfinder. com


Caribbean Finder is a global web based community where all are welcome to explore the Caribbean on the internet. It is a one stop destination for Caribbean communities, while providing a unique forum for culture, education, communication and entertainment.  With an audience mostly of individuals with an interest in doing business with the Caribbean community, provides a host of resources for visitors: including Classifieds, Banner Display, Events Calendar, Online Directory Listings, Online Shopping and more. The directory listings show domestic, national and international segments of the global market: including French, Hispanic and English Caribbean. As a contributor to taking businesses to the next level, Caribbean Finder helps to connect and create valued exposure for your business(s) through use of our newly updated and user friendly website. 


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Yes, Caribbean Finder does have an Android app, and it can be found in the Google APP

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Don’t forget to download the Caribbean Finder App. The Caribbean Finder new APP features a clean design which is an interface design standard. Data updates to the website are reflected in real time on the app, plus features including location, directions and a click to call.

Some of the new features:

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We are constantly evaluating business landscape leads to meet your marketing needs and anticipate current trends in the local and global economy. Caribbean Finder provides an effective solution by simplifying the growth of your business operations.

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